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Kitchen to Cinema Room

Stu C

Active Member
After reviewing the needs of the house, it was apparent that we needed a cinema room more than a kitchen, so the kitchen has been ripped out and my new project has begun... (we have actually put the new kitchen in another room, but that detracts from setting the scene!).

This is the point that I need guidance from you lot! The room is about 5m long and 3m wide, but is a bit of a funny shape. There is also a big window at one end, and a door (offset from centre) at the other end (see photos).

My current kit is centred around a Denon X4200, Monitor Audio Silver RX8 floor standers, RX centre, RXFX surround speakers (di-pole/ bi-pole) and a BK Monolith Plus for bass duty. I've also bought a pair of CT265-IDC speakers for atmos.

I'm almost certain that I want the Epson EH-TW9400 projector, though I'm not sure whether to ceiling mount or have shelves at the back of the room, though this also depends on room layout.

My present thinking is to have a motorized electric projector screen mounted above the big window, so it comes down to cover the window (I'll have a blind behind the screen too). The wall width is 303cm... putting the speakers either side (26cm wide each) leaves me with a gap of 251 cm. I've got lots of height with the ceiling height being 290cm... since I'm width restricted, I'm thinking that a 16:9 screen is best to maximise screen size; also viewing will be a mix of movies and TV. From this, I think a 106" screen is the best size... any advice welcome here. I'm also going to need a screen with extra drop due to the high ceiling.

I'm not sure where to put the surround speakers, either at the sides or at the back of the room. If at the back, I might need to move the door over. I'm always a little unsure about positioning at the sides because when there is more than one person sitting on the sofa, then one of the speakers is blocked by the other person...is this an issue? Also, putting then on the walls will make them (too ?) close to the sitting position, and might get knocked as people squeeze around the sofa. If positioning then at the back, I'm not sure whether to hand the left one on the narrow strip of wall, or whether I should go to the expense of getting the door moved over so I can better position that speaker.

The Epson TW9400 has a throw distance of 3.18-6.68 metres for a 106" image, so I could mount the monitor above my proposed seating position, or on a shelf at the back of the room. I can't really mount on the ceiling at the back of the room because there is an RSJ or similar running across the ceiling. Also, having it at the back of the room is easier for hiding cables, because I can create a small wall space at the back corner for running wires, and I can get access from above at the back of the room, but not at the middle or front.

I have considered have the screen at the opposite end to the window... that would allow a fixed screen option, and maybe use the alcove for speakers placed behind the screen, but the alcove is not central to the room; and if I positioned the speakers to the sides of the screen, you would almost bump into one as you enter the room. Also, with the room being narrower at the window end, putting a sofa at that end will essentially block off access to the window, however, have the screen over the window means the sofa is in the wider part of the room.

You have my gratitude if you've managed to read through all that! And now I would love to hear your thoughts on room layout, screen size and equipment placement... thanks!


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Active Member
This is a hell of an opportunity for you.
I would personally explore putting the sofa by the window facing down into the room.
Create a false wall at the bottom to run speaker cables etc behind it into a cabinet perhaps?
Screen on the bottom wall.
6 Atmos speakers (maybe an over kill but what the hell. At least wire for 6 even if you go 4.

I don’t think having a person in line of sight to the speakers will comprise your surrounds being on your sides.

Two or one sub. That’s really up to you.
What iv learnt over the years is wire for as many speakers as you can because it cheap to do so and less hassle at this stage.
Look into how your going to place your equipment and how your going to run cables for it.
For example will your PJ be more the 5 meters from your AV. In that case make sure you run a HDMI/over fiber...

Ok my times up and I need to do the school run. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

Stu C

Active Member
Thanks for the input! My initial plan was to setup the room that way, however, there were a few issues... primary issue was projector placement... ideally I would place the projector on a shelf or wall mount to the right of the window, but that would require a 1.5 m lens shift, which is too much for the Epson. Alternatively, I could hang from the ceiling, but I don't have access from above at that end of the room, which means a lot more channelling and plastering (I suppose still possible though). I also can't put the surround speakers on the side walls as you propose because of the big cupboard built into the wall (rear placement should be OK though). Lesser issues, limited space to get around the sofa to get to the window/curtains, and a big front speaker would be in your path as you walk into the room.

However, that way round would allow a (cheaper) fixed screen, possibly 120", and I like the idea of entering into a more open room rather than entering to the back of a sofa. I will give this more consideration again.

The amp can only power 7 channels, and I am happy to stick with 5.1.2, so only 2 Atmos speakers.


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I'm sitting 2.60 metres from a 106" screen in a narrow 2.5m wide room.
My VVA is nearer to 26 degrees if my maths is correct ! That's on the front row. The rear row is 4 metres away

My screen is sitting above my floor standing speakers and equipment so it was purely dictated by this. Bottom of my screen is at 95cm

I've had a fair few people in watching films from young to old and no ones ever complained about it being high or to much of an angle. It may not be the recommended, but it works and I've survived 6 years of film viewing :D

Build thread below..
Cinema Room Ex Bedroom 5.8m x 2.5m

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