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Anyone into kit cars? what are that main forums in the uk?

Something im looking into starting next year, want to have a look around



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When I was 17, my brother in law gifted me a Dutton Melos believe it or not.

It had been sitting on his parents drive for years and they wanted rid of it. He said if I could transport it I could have it.
Unfortunately, inexperience And lack of fund meant that it made it as far as my mates garage. We got some of the electrics working and a mate who was training to be a mechanic persuaded me to let him take the engine out. When we ripped it out I asked him if he could get it going and he replied no! He was a diesel fitter!
That was terminal and it sat until my mates dad wanted it out. So I managed to sell it for two bob and a washer but gave the money back to my brother in law out of guilt.

Shame really, looking back if I had it now, it would be fab. It had Mk II Escort mechanicals, 1.6 Crossflow engine, Webber carb, a LSD, hard top, Corbeau bucket seats, five point harnesses and.....Dukes of Hazzard air horns!

It wasn't the best looking thing but I understand that Dutton were a kind of entry level kit car company.

What are you looking into? A Lotus 7 or AC Cobra clone?


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There are plenty of them around,but usually specific to the kit you're thinking of,so you'd need an idea of what type of kit you're after,and then who makes that.

A good idea is to join a few,get some good advice from those who've already built them,and get a feel for the practicalitiesand problems.


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I spend a lot of time on TorqueCars and Car Tuning Tips both deal with the mechanical and engine side of cars in quite a bit of detail.

What sort of kit are your going for? Dax make pretty solid kit cars and are worth a look, I love the crazy Kamala but the Cobra replica they offer is the one I'd buy if I had the time and money.

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