Kiss models with WM9, MPEG4, HighMat, DVD-A, SACD, WMA2, WVM, Wifi-G, Ethernet, DVI


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Kiss introduced the new DP600, 678 and 688 at the Cebit.
Future is bright for Kiss.

KiSS DP-600 DVD/DivX with WM9, WLAN and High Definition Picture
The next step in the KiSS evolution is the DP-600. Based on an entirely new platform, the DP-600 brings all the well-known functionalities, including PC-Link, Ethernet, Wireless (802.11g). On top of that, the DP-600 will be the first DVD-player to support Microsoft's Windows Media 9 as well as DivX, and concurrent with the development of Television technology, the DP-600 will be the first KiSS product to support High Definition MPEG-4, providing the user a better picture with sharper and more vivid colours.

The DP-600 is the first HDTV-capable device. WMA and Windows Media 9 video can be played; in addition to that, also MPEG-4 in HDTV quality. An 80-GB or 120-GB hard disk is still integrated into it.

With the models 678 and 688, KiSS is aiming higher and offers in addition to a completely new design and reasonable control elements also a DVI connection. All digital displays can therefore be connected directly.

In a new chip (new Sigma EM8620L chip) the company will support as many audio and video formats as possible. These include Ogg Vorbis, DivX Audio/WMA2, all Microsoft codecs (probably also the old ASF format). RealMedia support has not been decided yet while MP4 support is being evaluated. Multilanguage and subtitles will be supported. DVI output will be supported and HighMat will be supported "out-of-the-box". Analogue audio 5.1 output will also be supported as well as an option to bypass the Scart output.

Some KiSS players already support SaCD but according to the company Sony is working on a new chip that will be ready in Q4 of this year. When the time comes the company will implement support. The same also applies to DVD-Audio support. Basically, what is comes down to is that KiSS intends to supports as many audio and video formats as possible.

The KiSS players will support streaming media, including weather reports, video on demand, etc, etc. You name it and KiSS will support it. Well, at least that's the intention.
A Q&A with KiSS technitians

1. When will the DP6xx series be released?
o DP600 between September and October, followed by DP608; DP678 with DVD +- Recorder, then DP688 with Recorder, Radiotuner and 5.1 Amplifier
2. When will the DP558 available to buy
o End of April
3. Can the DP558 play and record at the same Time?
o No
4. Will the 558,568,678,688 have such thing as EPG, TVTV or Tivo?
o DP558 and 568 not, but maybe DP678 and 688.
But they try to ad it by FW Update to the older one
5. Will the DP6xx play files above 2GB?
o Yes, no more sizelimit at 2GB for files and 128GB fort eh HDD
6. Will the DP6xx support OGM or MTK Containers?
o Matroska, no. OGM maybe. Because the DP6xx don¡¦t need such things because it is possible to make a menu fort he Files on the Disc so they don¡¦t need it.
7. Why can the DP450;DP5xx Play no more DIVX3.11 with MP3 over SPDIF out?b
o It¡¦s a Bug and they will fix it.
8. Is it possible that the DP5xx can play WMV in future?
o No
9. What do you think about TinyStocks?
o Is a good thing, we are glad about every private update of our Players, except MV removing?
10. When will it give video on demand?
o KiSS is seeking for a provider for the high bandwidth which is needed for Webvideo. But not for the DP5xx Series, because MPEG4 is not good for Video on demand. They will realize it with WMV because of the flexible bandwidth management.
11. Will there be players with larger HDDs than 80GB?
o Yes, DP612 with 120GB HDD and maybe DP616 with 160GB
12. Which decoderchip did the 558 and 568 have?
o Sigma 8550, as all 5xx
13. What will happen if there is a power failure while FW update?
o No problem with Partial Update,
At fullupdate also no problem, except the moment when the bootloader is flashing.
14. Will the timecounter be back for SVCD?
o It¡¦s a Bug and they will fix it.
15. Will the 6xx support GMC?
16. Will there be a DP16xx series?
o No, because the Mainboard of the 6xx is higher then the DP5xx.
17. What do you think about FW Mods?
o It is Ok and we are glad about such things, except the MV removing. That¡¦s the reason why we don¡¦t give you the sources for the FW.
18. When will the portalsite be free to choose?
o Soon, maybe with the next FW.
19. What do you think about the GameContest?
o Good idear, we support it offical.
20. Are they going to add OGM (and OGG in AVIs support) in to the players ?
o OGG, it is possible
21. What OS it will be running ? Still Linux as previouse ? (new Sigma chip Allows Linux and Windows)
o Still Linux
22. What amount of RAM will be in this players ? (new Sigma chip can have up to 64MB)
o All with 64MB
23. What CPU they will use in addition to Sigma video processor (if at all) ? And what Mhz ?
(They can use x86 , ARM or MIPS)
o The Host CPU is still embedded, its still a ARM7 but with 240mhz
24. Will they add DivX Audio/WMA2 support in AVI files ?
o Yes for DP6xx
25. Will they add Matroska (.MKT) support ?
o No, no need for that and to many probloems
26. Will they support multilang. file names and DivX subtitles?
o Yes, but they should do it at the moment
27. Will old ASF format be also supported ?
o No, the hardware of the DP5xx can play it but the codec is that old that we doesn¡¦t ad the support to the fw, because even more problems and bugs
28. Will they have transcoding application for this players?
o The PClink can do it a littlebit at the moment but it is not needed anymore for the DP6xx, they are so powerful to play many codecs
29. Will it be able to stream video from the internet like current KiSS players do with the audio ? If yes what formats MS or RealMedia too?
o Yes, WMA and later RM.
30. Will they have DVI output?
o Yes
31. Will they support HighMat "out of the box" , not in "future updates" ?
o Yes
32. Will they have ANALOGUE audio 5.1 output ?
o Yes
33. Will they have SCART bypass (SCART input that bypass signal to SCART output when player in stand-by mode)?
o All recorders will have it
34. Will they support MP4 file format?
o Yes
35. If they will support OGM or/and MTK will they support "built-in" into this files subtitles?
o Yes for OGM, from Sigma 8510 and 8620 upward
36. Chip support DVD Audio , will player support/play it ? What about SACD ?
o DVD Audio Yes, but no SACD because there is to much high quality and expensive hardware needed.
37. Should I buy a DP558 or should I better wait fort he DP568?
o It depends on what you want to do and how much you will spend, the DP568 is more pricy then the DP558.
o The 558 has a very good MPEG2 encoder with high quality.
o The 568 has a very good MEPG4 encoder but the MEPG2 quality is not that good as on the DP558.
38. Will it give HD Recorders with DVD recorders?
o Yes, up from the DP678, with +- support.



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Particularly compatable with all pc media files etc.

i think i will hold off buying a samsung 935 or the pioneers, and yahamawa

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