Kiss DP-600 - at last?


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Just received an e-mail from Vision Wales. They say the first batch of units is expected to arrive today/Monday.



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Not sure it isn't going to be a case of too little too late, they've lost a LOT of credibility and potential sales I wouldthink due to the nearly vapour-ware nature of this beast.


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KiSS have had major issues in the past with the stability of their firmware. I've had a KiSS DP1500-S for about a year, and I've gone through about 5 different firmwares (mostly 3rd party) attempting to get the thing to run properly. Wireless networking is the biggest issue - it's so flakey I eventually reverted to a wired connection.

KiSS have recently been acquired by Cisco (branded as Linksys). I suspect that a greater emphasis on testing may be responsible for the delays. If the firmware is stable it'll be a good product and worth the wait. If however the firmware is as unstable as previous models you can expect to be spending a lot of time downloading and testing different firmwares.

Don't get me wrong, they're fundamentally good machines. However I'd want to see quite a few rave reviews from long-term users before I'd buy another one.


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I work for Cisco (not the Linksys part so please dont email me about this!!) and will be buying one of these to pair with my Sony KDFE50A12 so will post as impartial report as i can when i get it..


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which monday?

Hardware is only part of the system, as has been pointed out you need stable software as well. The development now starts for KISS, the competition like Snazio have a years advantage here.


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Ill be waiting for some reviews from you guys before i place an order so i hope its as good a product as it looks on paper, ive beenholding off buying the Snazio as i think the Kiss looks a better quality product from an asthetic point of view,i just hope it works as well as it looks.



Finnish webshop now lists DP-608 available from 11 March 2006! Price is 498.90 euros. No orders yet. Is this the first shop to list DP-608?

DP-600 is listed currently as "available from later half of february" and price is 332.90 euros. There has been over 25 orders for weeks now including mine :)

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