KIS 2010 V McAfee Security Centre ?


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Which one would you guys recommend?

I have the option of both and I dont know which to use and as far as I am aware using two seperate anitvrus software is not good at all.

So Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 or McAfee Security Centre?

Any suggestions much appreciated :smashin:


I have free access to both - and I run KIS 2010 :thumbsup:

KIS is far lighter on resources than McAfee. I recently removed McAfee from a friends PC because opening Firefox could take several minutes with it running, removed it and it opened instantly. They also had a corrupt McAfee download that disabled all internet access, so as you might have noticed I am no fan of McAfee :devil:

As you say, running 2 AV or IS suites will cause issues and could cause neither of them to run properly and therefore leave you open to attack when online.



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I wouldnt touch Mcrapee with a bargepole


Yeah I find KIS 2010 very good, doesn't require constant permission to update it just does it quietly in the background and never had any problems.
[Also they have (recently?) released the 2011 version but that's beside the point!]

Also I would not recommend McAfee to anyone!

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