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blue max

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First up, I'm a PC virgin having macs all my life, so need a bit of help please if anyone has any experience...

I needed to set up my microservers, so booted into windows 7 on my mac. I had to download a load of applications and somehow ended up with king translate on my computer. I've tried everything to eradicate it, but it still persists. It throws a screen at startup and hijacks the browsers, even though I have removed extensions etc.

Any googling to get rid of it either wants cash or to put more spurious software on the computer. I have tried Avast free, but it didn't help.

Short of deleting the whole partition, has anyone successfully removed it?

Thanks for any help!

hi robb

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Try this link first.

Remove King Translate, removal instructions

Follow the instructions.

If that doesn't work, try going to your Start Menu, then Run, then type in MSCONFIG and click OK.

Look through each tab for anything that looks like King Translate and disable it, reboot and see if that helps.


blue max

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Thanks for that. This wants me to install STOPzilla or Spyhunter, but I have heard that at least the latter is just as dodgy. And I will have to pay to actually remove it. I sorted the browsers out, but they returned.

Have you actually done it yourself?

This is the issue with either adding further software or tinkering. Sounds like I may be better just dumping the lot and reinstalling. Unless anyone else has any thoughts.


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Odd that there doesn't seem to be anything out there on removal from a reputable source, maybe it's too new.

Try Malwarebytes first & if that doesn't do it, boot into Safe Mode (F8 at startup). Then run the command regedit, navigate to the top of the tree & search (F3) for translate. I've just run that on my laptop & found two identical keys under Internet Settings > Activities linking to Microsoft Translate. I guess these are from Internet Explorer & are legit. If you find anything else that looks suspect then delete the key & continue searching. Just closing the window will save & then you can reboot.

I haven't encountered this one before so this is just a suggestion. Regedit is potentially destructive but should be fine as long as you're not too gung ho.


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Just found this which is again trying to sell you something but at least shows you what this malware installs. Could be worth searching out & deleting the files on the PC, especially the multiple .exe before going the registry route.

blue max

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Thanks all. I used malwarebytes and it found over 400 things it had issues with. I deleted them and still ended up with the king translate splash screen. I guess it was masquerading as something genuine, but you can't mess about with these things, so I deleted the partition and am re-installing. To be honest, I hadn't done very much with it - just need it sometimes to do PC only stuff.

Hope its a warning to anyone as useless as me with pc's. :D

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