King Kong Pc Demo


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Yep the demo is out

There are two levels:

Player Vs King Kong
King Long(player) Vs Trex's etc

What do you think of it?


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Doctor Hades

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It's evidently a console port though as the graphics are poorly textured, the dinosaur models look blocky and Kong has awful fur effects (I have a GeForce 6800 GT by the way). It plays well enough but if the game proves to be good I'll buy it on the Xbox 360 as I've seen a trailer and the visuals are far better than the PC version. :D


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Thanks for the heads up. Will download when I get home. Anyone played it yet? Any thoughts?


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Controls are poor to say the least - definetely a consoler. Graphics are okay as mentioned by Dr Hades. I thought they maight have added some trailer footage in, but alas no. Just thought I would download it for a laugh and yep it is. :thumbsdow

Joe Pineapples

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Regardless of how it 'looks' on whatever format, the gameplay seems average at best. i wouldnt spend £25 on it (PC), let alone £40.

Jack Carter

I agree, the game whilst graphics look ok - gameplay from the 2 level demo does seem limited, only time will tell I suppose, has there ever been a good game film tie-in?


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