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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 29th September 2010.
King Kong in hi-def for the first time is a cause for celebration. The greatest fantasy production of all-time, and one of the greatest films ever made, it remains a towering achievement of the imagination and a thundering triumph of high adventure, horror and excitement. Whatever messages or subtext critics love to foist upon it – racial backlash, sexual empowerment, ecological rape etc – its makers had no agenda other than to thrill audiences with a story and an experience the like of which they could scarcely dream possible. They brought considerable integrity and pathos to an extremely unusual romance, and did something that most filmmakers today find impossible to do – they made us both believe in, and care about a creature of improbable origin and unfathomable ferocity. With their flair for unabashed spectacle and a relentless pace, Cooper and Schoedsack threw down the template for the cinematic rollercoaster ride that has since become the guidebook Hollywood has turned to every time since.

They created an immortal icon out of a stop-motion puppet and they invented the scream-queen … and they made it de-rigour to have big monsters trash famous cities. Max Steiner delivered the medium's first bonafide original score, and it remains one of its greatest ever. The imagery that the dream-team of Willis O' Brien and Marcel Delgado painstakingly created is embedded in the mass cultural psyche, and the very name of King Kong inspires fear, wonder, respect … and admiration.

Warner's fabulous Blu-ray release is something to be cherished even if it does lose some of the cute little extras that its SD DVD ancestor offered. But housed within this lavish book-style package, you'll find a tremendous transfer and an enthralling chronicle of how it all came to be.

1933 was arguably the most important year in the history of Cinema – it gave birth to the most famous screen monster of all time and it invented the modern action movie. And in all the decades since a giant gorilla first lost his heart to a terrified blonde, the genre has struggled to keep up.

The overall score might say a 9, but surely no film fan can afford to be without this.

King Kong reigns supreme!

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Another film I never knew you liked ;)

Excellent as ever Chris and over 10k words as well!
Always a pleasure and always learn something new from your reviews:D

Keep 'em coming:clap:

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