King Kong 2 disc edition £9.99 at Morrisons


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As title, not an offer price either.




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It has been this price since launch. I think they did it to compete with Tescos etc. but I am surprised that they have kept it at this price as I think the Tescos offer only lasted for 1 week.


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MDX said:
Morrisons always have good prices on the big new releases.

Not bad as i get 12.5% off as well :)
How do you get that? Do you work there. If so maybe you could host the 'Morrisons Bargains' thread like Conn does with Tesco's. :smashin:


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Asda had tons of them for £9.75 last time I was in there.

Greg Hook

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£9.75 from Amazon Jersey.

It says £10.99 but when you add to basket it shows up as £9.75 :thumbsup:

Edit: Sorry forgot about postage. Ignore me! It is £10.99 after all.
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