King Kong (1976, Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin -terrible De Laurentiis monkey, Shout! US Blu-ray)


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UPC: 826663215427

Not the greatest film but the release has the 3 part 180min TV version I'm really interested in that.

Extras look not too bad too some are off YouTube though.

Bye Bye Monkey 2.png

I remember when I must have been around 12 and watched -by accident- Marco Ferreri's Bye Bye Monkey and was very confused to see the Laurentiis ape in the film.


Now illegal in England and Wales.


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Always thought this was underrated. Yes, some of the effects are beyond poor and it is a man in a monkey suit at times. When the effects work they are actually very good, just a shame they are so inconsistent. Despite this, the great cast, a pretty decent script and that wonderful John Barry score make this very watchable. I much prefer this to the overindulgent Peter Jackson version. The 1933 version remains the best.
I've got the HDDVD which has no extras, only a cheap price would tempt me for the blu ray.


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It is a good cast for sure.

I have the Germany Blu-ray and it's pretty strong like the Australia release.

I'll be buying the Shout release (just like Jackson probably!) to see what's in the 180min version it may work better as a film.

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