Kinect USB extention problems


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Good moring all,

I have been looking around on here and even replied to an old post about thi but no joy so im starting a new thread in the hope that you can help me out.

I have a slim 360 and a Kinect with the USB adapter (the slim 360 is new :D)

But my xbox is in the cupboard under the stairs not with my tv. so i brought a 12m active USB extention cable, cut it ran it through the walls to the center and soldered the end back on but it is not working. so i have a face plate by the TV and the female end by the xbox connected up with a male to male usb.

pluged in the Kinect and nothing happened.

I thought that maybe the "repeater" section of the extention cable was in the female end so the cabel was "the wrong way round" so i brought another cable off ebay. using this the Kinect fired up but then the green light flasheds and then the Kinect went dead. Im thinking its the cable so im waiting for a mate to bring ivver his cable we know works to test it.

But I would like your feelings on the problem

Will the USB extention cable work? (i have seen posts to surgest it will)
Will me cutting and soldering the cable affect it?
would it be better to crimp it?
does usb extention have a right and wrong way round?
is the a max distance i can run my cable?

any help is very welcome as its driving me up the wall!!!


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