Kinect Adapters?


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Hey all

Finally jumped at upgrading to an X with a pretty awesome price via Amazon France.

The kids love to play kinect sports now and again, so it would be a real shame if this stopped with my new, shiny, 4k beast!

See there are load of options on ebay for work around solutions seen as the official adapter now goes for stupid money.

Has anyone gone this route? Any recommendations?


i was lucky enough to get one from microsoft for my one S before they stopped doing them.
unless someone on here has one they are willing to sell, i think ebay is proberly the place (and price) have you tried googling it


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Was more wondering if people had gone for the alteration services on ebay - send off your kinect and they rewire to work via usb. Seems to be a lot of choices on fleabay, starting arouind £20.

Second hand official adapters still seem to go for near £100.........

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