Kindle or Kobo?


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Hi, I'm looking at getting one for my soon to be Mrs as a wedding present.
I'm thinking either the paper white or the glo, as I like the idea of her being able to read without the main light on etc.

I've had a very quick go of the Kindle so I know the basic functionality, but not sure of the pros and cons of each one over the other.
Read something about the Kobo being able to read more e-books formats, but the Amazon marketplace is better, plus there is conversion programs I can use for her?

Any advice or info would be appreciated.


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I had thought of that type of thing, but the e-ink is much easier on the eyes when reading, so ruled out normal tablets.


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If you're willing to tinker the nook series is well down on price at the moment, they are based on android so you can install other apps if you root it including kindle. I plan to add all the book shops android apps to mine when it arrives


Probably what I'd say:

Read something about the Kobo being able to read more e-books formats, but the Amazon marketplace is better,


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Been looking at them in more detail.
Nook looks ok, brilliant for £30 but there is no stock ANYWHERE, except on up to 7 weeks wait from Very...will have to give that a miss.
Kindle looks good, but there only seems to be the older ones or the paper white at £109.
Looked at the Kobo more, like the touch for £70 and the glo version for £100. Direct from smiths there is £20 discount at the moment, so they end up at £50 and £80.
So after all that, I think I'm actually going to get her the Kobo glo, has the light function, higher resolution than the others and at a competitive price.
Going to have a look between the two just to confirm, but think that's the final plan.
Cheers for the info and advice.


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From what I've read, nook have discounted their readers for a short time whilst the London 'discover reading' thing goes on.
The standard one for £29 is a fantastic price (but no stock, either for real or so the company doesn't loose out on them), but if I'm paying £69 for the glowing one, I think I'd rather pay the extra £11 for the Kobo glo.

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