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i am looking at a new display device but am unsure about what to go for.the budget is 2000 pounds (on the never-never) and the choices are:
36" tv tosh strata or similar
50" rear projection again possibly a tosh
or a cheap projector
it would be used 80% dvd, 20% sky tv.
room 12' square just used for HC.
amp denon 3802
AE aegis speakers
2109 tosh dvd (us)
sd100e tosh dvd (uk)
so must have a few scarts and component would be nice but not essential as i might buy a new multi region dvd at some point.
any info or ideas would be great as my 29" sony just dont cut it any more!
i'll leave you fight it out between yourselves now!


You're doing the right thing going for a 36" from 29" Sony. That is exactly what I did. The only thing I would say is that you might want to wait until the new 36" Sony comes out in the next month or so. Haven't got any details of enhancements though.

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