Killer idea... clan armoury


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Crocandy and I were shooting the breeze about all things cod and this nugget cropped up. Each clan would have a clan armoury where every weapon that the members have unlocked would be available to be used by EACH member of the clan. It may mean that lower ranked users would have access to later weapons but any kills would not register as challenges until the players reached that gun's specific level.
Each weapon in the armoury would be stamped with the clan tag.
I love this idea and had to share it but am not claiming it as my own. Any thoughts?:rolleyes:


Thw whole point of CODwas to unlock the weapons, not by easily going to a armoury and getting all the weapons whever they wish too, What happens when all the clans have unlocked everything? No point really.

I do see what your are trying to imply, but with this COD it takes roughly 24 hours to prestige, compared to MW2 average of 2 days.

No point in having this.


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No doubt someone with a level 50 account would just sell access to their clan too as there are idiots that would pay to use certain guns.


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Sorry. Don't agree with that at all. Why should some numpty at level 5 have access to all the unlockable guns that the others in the clan have. Only need to have one person in the clan sit at level 50 all the time and not prestige so all the other can run the same gear as him.

However - it would be nice if there was something customizable right from the start and didn't need unlocking that all clan members could have so those that wanted to all look the same could. Face paint, for example.


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I see this as more of a pirvate math or alternative to wager matches. I loved the way that this worked in Counter Strike and you all start off with certain amount of money but earn more cash based on your performance. Therefore as a clan/team you can use the money you earn to buy the weapons you have unlocked in your clan armoury. As a result, weapons unlocked in the higher levels would requie a lot more cash.


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I'd like to see a clan system never mind something you can do as a clan.

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