Killer Ants !!!!!


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Oooppps....meant to say ant killer.....

I think I have half the entire ant population setting up home in my back garden.
Every where I glance on the lawn, I see the scurrying little buggers going about their ant business, doing what ants do. Whatever that is.

I want them dead!!! Every last 6 legged, antenni twitching, segmented black bodied one of them.

What is the ant equivelant to the atomic bomb? Obviously I would prefer something that didnt destroy the garden in the process but need something that will effectively wipe them out of existence forever.

The only concern I really have is that whatever I use needs to be harmless to humans - especially little 2 year olds that love being outdoors more than Ray Mears.

Can anyone help with my ANT INVASION!!


Find the nest and pour boiling hot water over it. That should sort it.


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Find the nest and pour boiling hot water over it. That should sort it.

I always found that the nests were quite deep and the boiling water did not penetrate far enough and only killed the ones at the surface.....

Best thing I have found to kill them is diesel :D

It does not kill them straight away so they have plenty of chance to carry it down into the nest and kill the rest. :devil:

Diesel kills everything... ants, weeds, flowers etc etc etc takes a good few months for the rain to wash it away too.;)


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Try using the Nippon ant killing stuff before you resort to pouring diesel over your lawn...You need to keep putting it down so that it's their only food source. Wilkinsons is a cheap place to get it. Or people sell the active ingredient on fleabay and you mix it up with some sugar.

I've got loads of the beggers in my back garden, black, red, loads of nests. It's a small garden as well. I shall have at them again before long but I think it's gonna be impossible to entirely iradicate them.


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My wife is a bit of a mental animal lover and wont let me kill anything. Our house could be invested with rats and she would still want every single one of them removed safely and re-homed!!

We had an ants nest in our old garden. The best way i found to get rid of them is to find the nest.

You will really only get rid of them all if you locate and "dispose" of the queen or queens.

As daft as it sounds, watch them and see where they are going, once you find the nest, find the queen and get rid. wherever the queen is the rest will follow and if they cant find the queen they dont know what to do and die.

This is easier than it sounds. Find a couple of dead ants or other bugs (most gardens have em) and put them in the tracks of the ants. The ants will take the bodies back to the nest.

Dig a small patch of grass from the top of your lawn and dig down till you find the queen. You'll know when as tons of ants will be protecting her, and she is loads bigger and looks nothing like an ant.

This might sound extreme / elaborate / a waste of time, but it worked a treat for me.

Dont put petrol or diesel on your grass, it'll kill the grass, and hot water only works if it scolds the queen to death.

Hope this helps....


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Ant Powder - scatter it all over the garden. The will drop dead. Not too sure if its human friendly though. :S


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You should be able to hire a couple of these for a few days. That should help. . .
WIKI has a few suggestions.

Good thread, i could also do with removing the little blighters. I have red ones in my garden and they are everywhere. if you leave anything on the lawn for more than a day when you lift it you will find them busy away bringing mud to the surface. i also had bees last year and was told by the local garden centre that they are protected so i cant remove them. bugger that my kids are protected and any bee near them gets whiped out. I have tried the nippon last year but not this year and the hot water never worked for me apart from killing the grass and leaving a nice crop circle on the lawn.

I think my lawn would look lite a mine test field if i tried to dig down where they where comming up lol



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Wait till the OP posts a pic like this one


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Noted and understood.



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