Kill Bill: Vol 1. (Japanese Uncut/Colour) - DVD Region 2

Indiana Jones

Yes you have to turn on the english subtitles yourself but seeing as this is the only way to see the Uncut version of the film at the present its a small sacrifce I think.


Just had an order delay through, and it's one of the longest waits I've ever had for a DVD from CD-WOW.

Ten days!

Hope to dispatch on 17/05/04.


Will K

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The 8-10 day delay is mentioned on the product description page so you can't really complain.


Was added AFTER I ordered last night.

So I can.

If I want to.


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The delay of 8/10 days was on the description page when I ordered at 6 last night. So not too bothered at receiving the mail today as its a great price.

:rotfl: But its your party and you can if you want to. :p


Smokey Si

Has anyone actually received this yet, I ordered mine the evening of the 6th May, was then told it would be delayed as being out of stock and would be sent 17/05/2004. Then last night I receive an email stating it would now be delayed until 21/5/04.
I've come home tonight to find another email saying it would now be delayed until the 26/05/2004
Mmmmm, is it just me and my bad luck or is anybody elses having these sorts of delays as well.
Saying that can't complain too much really when I think what I paid for it, and the bargain price I got Saving Private Ryan (2 disc DTS) for last night - which has already been despatched to me!
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