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i have just recieved an e-mail from cd-wow to inform me that the new shipment date for kill bill(which i pre-ordered weeks ago) is now the 26th of april, what is goin on over there. i e-mailed them a couple of days ago because i was still waitin and was promised it would be shipped over the weekend. anyone else had this??

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Ordered my copy (region 1) 27 december, and only received an e mail today confirming its been sent.

It would seem ther is a problem here, after not receving a reply to my emailed enquiry I phoned them on Friday and was told the same as you, only to be told its been posted today (19.04.04)

Big Al


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I got an email from them last Tuesday saying that they were out of stock, mine got shipped today as well.


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Received my R1 copy from CD-WOW today and they have sent the Canadian R1 version with the dual language French/English cover.

Don't know if this is the plan for all R1 orders or whether they've just sourced these as a short term measure to fill outstanding orders.



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I preordered an R1 copy ages ago, the dispatch/release date was the 13.04.04, i was hoping to receive the dvd on the 13.04.04 or be dispatched at the latest on the the 13.04.04.
When it got to the 14.04.04 and there was no sign of it being dispatched soon, i cancelled my order! (Seeing as it takes 5-7 days to arrive)
Picked up a copy from the shop shelves yesterday :)


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Me too, pre-ordered, R1 version to get it before R2 available but have to wait till 26/04/04.
Cancelled and bought today. Cd-wow have kept me informed though, emailing with expected dates. Good customer service as usual.
Bit disapointing but hey ho

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