Kill Bill (again!) 2 Disc


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Wouldn't it have the English subs burnt in where needed? I had assumed they meant the Dutch subs were the optional ones, but with all these different releases of this movie, who knows?! :(

Rambo John J

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I'd have thought the French one runs to 2 discs due to it having 4 language tracks - 2xDTS and 2xDD5.1 in English and French.
As I understand it there's no burnt-in subtitles on any of the releases at all, all subtitles are player generated across all the regional releases.

I did read somewhere that there's some kind of coupon in the original Dutch release that gets you money off this 2 disc one though, don't know how true that is :confused:


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i would say its on 2 discs just cause of the multiple soundtracks, the listed extras are the same as the usual ones, but.....aaarrrgh i need to get it just incase!!! but i cant afford it so i wont...just yet!

Rambo John J

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wait til the release date and then email the etailer asking them to confirm its got commentary tracks on it.
Personally I don't think it will have if no other regions have, but you never know

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