KHT6000 Centre for 2005? QED Silver?


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Post Sound and Vision Show confusion!

I have wanted a new centre for some time now.... Using KEF 2005.2 eggs (via Yammy 757 amp). On here previously recommended a Q6C (or 9) but at show KEF said use a 6000 (or 5000 if budget tighter). Not Q series as althugh UniQ - timbre will be different.

I will use released centre as 6th channel.

Anybody got any thoughts on this?

Also KEF rep said DON'T use silevr wire with KEFs as comprimises sound - (bright cable plus bright speakers too much). BUT you see QED Silver Anniv bundled with KEF KHT series everywhere! Why?

And I thoughts shows were supposed to reduce confusion!


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It is easy to bundle what is seen as a 'high value' cable, it helps sell the item despite not being an ideal match.

Can't help you on the question of a center, and I am not sure many have practical experience of a center only upgrade. A more common upgrade might be changing the front 3 for suggested models...

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