KF-50SX200S bulbs


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I have been trying to find out about the bulbs for the sony KF-50SX200S .How long they last ,how much they cost and were you can get em from ?

I am thinking of getting one of these sets but I just want to know this info so I know what it is going to cost to keep it running .Robert white are doing a good deal on a graded one and this set is just perfect for my needs. I need somthing that can go on a high stand and it needs to be bellow a certain depth. ( I have a small room and a crt pj so it can only be so deep to go behind the screen) I would love a crt rear pro but hav'nt got the room . I've tryed a plasma but can't live with it .

Anyone got a link to a reveiw of this set , is it any good .I've only managed to see the 42" version of it and it had a horrid signal so could not realy tell to much .

any info much apreciated


I remember reading about this not too long ago.
Rough figures are £250 for the bulb, and 8000 hours life.
I dont know where to get them from tho.


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cheers for that . not too bad I supose .

I find it very strange how little there is about these sets on the net when they have been out so long . Is there no reveiws out there :confused:

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