keyboArd problem, pleAse help


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i am posting here to see if anyone can help. i was posting a reply on another thread And seem to hit a key that hAs messed up the keyboard. i think it was the ctrl/cAps lock/shift key or any combinAtion of these. now when i try to use the shift key it jumps the cusor to the box above. it only appeArs to hAppen in explorer As i hAve tried the keyboArd in word And its fine. aNy ideAs. Also As you can see the A key seems to hAve A mind of its own and will either come out As normAl or a capital letter. no other key is A ffected. :suicide:

hope this is a simple fix

regArds franc

Stuart Wright

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Try rebooting. And then try a different keyboard.
If your keyboard is knackered go buy an ergonominc one which will help avoid knackering your wrists.


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Hi. Everything ok now ):smashin: . Took it apart and cleaned it :eek: (that half a glass of squash I knocked over it eventually took its toll!) happy days are here again.

regards FRANC
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