Question Keyboard for Panasonic TX-40CX680B series Viera TVs.


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I'm trying to find a small (preferably wireless) keyboard that will work 100% with a Panasonic 40CX680B TV.

So far I've tried a small USB wired one [CPC P/No. CS1722906] which didn't work at all, and a Logitech K400r wireless one which worked as far as the arrow leys and the touch pad but not with the alpha-numeric keys. I called the Logitech help-desk and they confirmed that their K400r was only suitable for Windows and MAC computers and would NOT work with the TV.

I then called the Panasonic help-desk who weren't very helpful - they said that any 'Plug and Play' keyboard should work, but I wasn't convinced by their rather vague and 'wishy-wash' response.

I don't want to have to buy any more keyboards to try, and then have to return if they don't work, so wonder if anyone can recommend a keyboard (preferably wire-less) that definitely does work 100% correctly with the TX-xxCX-680B range of Viera TVs.

Any suggestions offered will be much appreciated. Many thanks for reading this plea for guidance.

- Dave.


I have tried a Dell wireless keyboard on this TV without success ( Model number unknown at the moment)

I gather that the keyboard must be HID compliant to work...but just to confound matters I have seen a quote ( albeit from back in 2014) from Logitech support saying that ALL their keyboards are HID compliant, which flies in the face of your experience.

It may be worth getting back to Logitech (or other keyboard manufacturers) for further advice.
That seems to be the general advice from TV makers.


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Just spoken to Logitech CS again who confirm that ALL of their keyboards are HID compliant, but that NONE of them is guaranteed to work with the Panasonic TV since they are all designed to be Windows and MAC compatible.

Logitech referred me back to Panasonic technical support who again told me that any Plug-and-Play keyboard that DOESN'T need drivers should definitely work with the TV.

While on the phone to Panasonic CS I pressed them further and the (rather more helpful) person said that she would log a formal request of my enquiry and they would carry out some tests with keyboards and call (or e-mail) me within the next couple of days to let me know which type(s) work OK.

That was exactly the response I was hoping for but it seems very strange to me that it has taken my request for information to actually trigger them to do something constructive to answer the question. I can't be the first to ask them about compatible keyboards, can I?

Anyway, I'll post whatever response I get from Panasonic to this forum if/when I get it.


Good luck.


Some more information here on the subject.


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Many thanks for the extra information - very interesting.

Anyway, surprise, surprise, Panasonic DID call me back today and they have now told me about three Logitech keyboards (K700, K750 and K800) which they say *MIGHT* work with the TV. (Logitech told me that none of their keyboards will work properly, of course)

I told the Panaasonic CS lady m that I was not happy with 'MIGHT work' since that requires me to buy yet another keyboard and be prepared to return it if it doesn't work. I said that surely when designing and marketing a TV that can accept a keyboard, Panasonic designers must have found and settled on at least one keyboard that DOES work 100%.

I ask her to try and find out more so she has agreed to 'escalate' my request to their technical department to ask for their comments, and will get back in contact again in due course.


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OUCH! I've just seen the prices of the K700, K750 and K800 keyboards - the cheapest (from a NON-Far- East supplier) is well over £50!
I've spotted this one Panasonic Wireless Keyboard | eBay which is claimed to suit the xxCX680B TVs and is at a more acceptable price - has anyone tried it and is able to comment on its suitability or the supplier?


I do not know if you may still be watching this thread - but in case you are, I have found a decent keyboard that verifiably does work with these Panasonic Smart TV's

( In case there are any other watchers - A warning: I have seen a note that these keyboards do not work with Samsung smart TV's. I do not know if that is true or not).

They are small handheld devices that come in various colours and are relatively cheap.
Lithium rechargeable powered with a USB charging lead supplied.

It includes mouse-like facilities. It links to the TV via a small usb receiver which plugs into the TV.

A more recent version has been released with some improvements including a backlit keyboard.

They seem to be sold under various badge names.

Here is an example of the earlier type ( other colours available)

Here is the later type. ( Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and green versions seem to be available)

Here is a Youtube review.


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I have the same problem trying to find a wireless kbd/mouse combo which will work with my Viera TV Model TX-40CS520B. After trawling through the internet I contacted Panasonic Tech help and managed to get an online technician to respond. Apparently, this series of Viera TVs will NOT support wireless keyboards and I was advised to use a direct connect USB 'Plug & Play' keyboard. Whilst not being the ideal solution [I would have preferred a wireless one] I am going to try it.. watch this space and I will report my results. I might try a USB 'Splitter' to enable both a USB keyboard PLUS a mouse.

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