Kenwood System (90's) Setup Help


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Hey everyone!

This is my first post.

Basically, my dad had an old hifi system sitting in the garage so I tried my best to clean it up, connect it all up, and use it for my Sony PS-LX310BT.

I've got it to work for the two main speakers (Kenwood LS-E9), however, I can't seem to get the Kenwood Omni-7s to get sound out of it.

This is an old system so not sure if anyone is well versed in connecting this up.

I have two cables connecting up the B-E9 and C-E9L.

The two LS-E9s are connected to the B-E9 "MAIN SPEAKERS (8-16 Ohms)"

The two Omni-7s are connected to the "OMNI PRE-OUT" (doesn't have a rating).

The PS-LX310BT is connected to the "IN AV AUX"

To connect the cables to the Omni-7s, I loosened the screw to show holes to the connects and connected the open wire in the gap and tighten the screw.

I don't have any CDs or cassette players so I didn't connect them up.

Pictures attached. Not sure how bad the quality is when I uploaded it. I can reupload if unclear.

I apologise for the lengthy post, if it's not in the right place in the forum, or bad structure.


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I’m not sure why you’d want to get anything other than stereo sound from the hifi. Especially for a turntable.

And you do have it set up for stereo correctly (as far as I can see).

Personally I’d stick to straight stereo.

You might try to find a switch or slider on the front that selects between stereo and surround.

A photo of the front of the amp part would be helpful.


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I'm not familiar with the equipment but the output is labelled as pre-out so can't be used to connect directly to a speaker.

I suspect with you need to use the surround speak terminals to the left OR there is an extra component. maybe an optional component that uses those pre-out terminals.


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@Paul7777x I knew I forgot to attach some images. This is the front panels of each of them. Not quite sure what's the best setting for it right now.

Never owned a HiFi system so this all new to me and starting with my Dad's old system isn't great. I've been using a FiiO E9 for a very long time now.

@Jamie Think my dad originally had the Omni-7s connected to the surround sound, but didn't really do anything either.

My dad only used it for his CDs so don't think he actually got the Omni-7s working - but I could be wrong.


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