Kenwood SW 900


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I am trying to repair the above unit. Does anyone have a manual? lost mine sometime in the last 15 years:) . I specifically need the ratings for the speakers used which a local dealer says he can supply if we know what to replace them with.


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I can't see much on the sub in question. Must be very old as it's not even on the Kenwood website. Have a free bump on me though in case someone on here has more info.


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I've just found your post. I use a SW 900 and still have the manual. Here is what it says in the Specifications section:

Type: Super Woofer system with built-in anti-magnetism (EIAJ) amplifier.

Practical maximum output: 70 W (50 Hz, EIAJ 10%, 6 ohm)
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz
Phase switching: NORMAL, REVERSE
Input sensitivity & input impedance:
RCA-type pin-plug jack: 100 mV / 70 W 6 ohm, 5k ohm
Push-type terminals: 1 V / 70 W 6 ohm, 12k ohm
Supply voltage: AC 110 - 120 V~, AC 220 V~, AV 240 V~
Rated power comsumption: 80 W

Enclosure: Front-load, bookshelf type
Speaker units: 160 mm (6.5 in) cone type x 2
Nominal impedance: 6 ohm
Dimensions: W 210 mm, H 559 mm, D 412 mm
Net weight: 13.5 kg
Supplied accessories: Pin-plug cord 3 m x 1, Remote control unit x 1,
Battery (SUM-3) x 2, Adapter x 1, AC plug adapter x 1

* The "anti-magnetism (EIAJ)" term refers to a speaker system designed in compliance with the technical standards of EIAJ (Electronic Industries Association of Japan).

I think what is important to you is that the two speakers are both 160 mm cone type 6 ohm capable of handling 70 W between them.

Hope that helps.


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Thaks Jeremy, just what I needed:thumbsup:

Paul Carr

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I have the same sub and i need some help.

I noticed over the last few days that the sub was rattling really badly, On further inspection i ound that the drivers/Speakers were damaged and the rubber gasket was torn from the metal frame on both speakers.

Could i use Car speakers for example and what is the difference between
between 6 ohmz which my sub uses and 8ohmz that i`ve managed to find in some car speakers?

All the replacement speakers i can find seem to be 8" @ 8 ohmz and mine as posted earlier are 6.5" (160mm) ' 6 ohmz 70w

I`ve been trying to find replacement speakers for the 2 that are faulty and i`m hitting a brick wall can anybody help me at all.


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I appreciate this post is a year or two old, but now I have the same problem, I would like to now if you sourced the parts and where from and any info on fixing the problem. Many thanks



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Lol, it seems this is quite a common problem with this unit :thumbsdow I'm just going to refoam mine myself, I was just surfing around and relised how simple it is to refoam speakers! :rolleyes: I'll just get a repair kit and my house will be vibrating again :thumbsup: xD oh and sorry for bumping like a 2 mounth old thread :facepalm:

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