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Hey guys I just got my hands on some Kenwood S-9m speakers, unfortunately the tweeters are blown (part number t03-0386-05) I did a search looking for the part number and can’t find anyone selling them. The question is does anyone here has experience with these speakers and can recommend a good replacement for the tweeters ?? Any help will be appreciated


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I assume you purchased these speakers? If they were they sold "in working order", I'd get my money back and purchase something decent instead.

Whilst I've never heard these 30 year old speakers, Kenwood were never known for the quality of their speakers, they were better on the electronics side. I could be wrong but the only chance you have of obtaining like-for-like tweeter replacements is to cannibalise another 30 year old Kenwood S-9M speaker - and would that be wise anyway?

It's most unlikely that a manufacturer (or a seller) will store parts for 30 year old products. It's hard enough getting parts for 10 year old products these days, though that situation may change in future.

A suitable alternative replacement tweeter should have the same sensitivity as the old one. I'm guessing you won't have sensitivity info? How are you a woodwork because a replacement modern tweeter may not be a perfect fit into the existing cabinet tweeter hole. And the baffle looks like moulded plastic - I see no screws or bolts so I don't know how a replacement tweeter would fasten to the baffle - you would need to work that out too.

I'm all for making the most of older gear but honestly, in this case, you're best off returning or offloading these speakers and putting the money towards a higher quality, less old alternative - of which there are plenty on the second hand market. Maybe get back on the forum and start a new thread asking for suggestions if you're interested in that approach.


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I have to agree with the splendid fellow above.

Just about impossible to repair, and probably not worth the effort as far as sound quality goes.

Do you have the model number of the hifi stack, or the amplifier part of it?

I assume you’ve found this on the net,

The wiring diagram may help in finding a replacement, but it’s very likely to be a bespoke Kenwood driver from way back when.


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So I figure it out! The tweeters and caps were blown so I went to parts express and got me some tweeters and caps! Not much modification needed to the cabinet. It sounds great and since I have no way to compare it to the OEM tweeters I guess I’m happy with the way it sounds.


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Hi (new member here), can you advise how you took the plastic front (with the speakers in it) off the S-9ML speaker box. Thank you.

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