Kenwood KDC-BT52U and Peugeot 206 Steering wheel controls

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    Have been running a Sony stereo for a couple of years with the stalk remote control adapter all fine.

    The stereo went wrong so I brought a new Kenwood Kenwood KDC-BT52U to replace it and fitted a few days ago, all works fine without the steering wheel controls connected, however...... not when I connect up the steering wheel controls it doesn't!

    I tried connecting up the steering wheel remote usine a MultiStalk lead Haldfords - when I connected the lead to one end of the stalk adaptor (before I even plugged it into the steering wheel control end it would cut the power to the stereo totally. Halfords couldn't solve it.

    I then got a different (Connects 2) multi stalk lead to connect the steering wheel remote up. Connected it up, and hey presto the stereo worked but the steering wheel remote still wouldn't work.

    So, It all works fine with the Connects 2 CTSPG006 Stalk Adapter for Peugeot 206 except when the MultiStalk lead is added in connecting it to the steering wheel controls.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as no one at Halfords seems to be able to solve it. It's driving me nuts.

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