Kenwood kdc 7021 Bust?


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Hi All,

I have one of these in my car & have been well happy with it.

Today though it's not happy. For anyone who are not familiar with this model when the key is out of the ignition the face plate folds away & folds out as soon as the key is in the ignition.

Basically what happened 1st was that the face plate folded out & the radio came on, albeit with no screen display & no function buttons were working. After a few minutes the face plate would fold halfway & stick, the only thing I could do was to take the face plate out as nothing was happening.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.




Hi , Sorry i havent got the answer as why it is broke!! the same thing has happened to mine yesterday , was looking for answers and can only come across your post on here regarding anything to do with the stereo, Have you found out yet what is wrong??? if so could you help , many thanks

Top Gunner

Hi Jason,

Have recently discovered what the problem is, it has something to do with the flexi/ribbon type thing which connects to the stereo.

Apparently this is a very common fault with Kenwood stereo's like ours.

I discovered what the problem is by posting a post to an 'Astra Sport' forum I visit from time to time, if you're interested here is the reply to the post I posted,

The up shot of it is to repair this fault costs about £50-£60 via my local car stereo shop. Where I live in Cheltenham no one can do this job, they all send the complete stereo to some 3rd party company & will take about 1 week.

Anyway, hope this helps & let me know how you get on.



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