Kenwood information. Please help.


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Hey guys,

I'm brand new so go easy on me. I've been lurking on the forum on and off for a few months as there is some pretty handy information on here.

Anyway, the reason I need help is I inherited a stack media system around 4 months ago and built it up yesterday afternoon.

I've got the following all wired up and working:

All Kenwood.
P-82 direct drive fully automated turntable
GE-420 graphic equaliser
A-82 amplifier.

It did also include a tape Deck and CD player which I have put to one side as I have no use for them.
Now when I've tried to find out information about the system (the amp at the moment), the only info I can find about the amp is on this forum so.... Is it quite rare? Or was it not a commercial success in the uk? What gives!
Did kenwood just not sell any or is it because it's a late 70's/early 80's system and the Internet wasn't available for people to write about it?

Secondly, the P-82 turntable... Again I have literally found 0 info about it. I know it's a direct drive purely as it says so on the front of the case but it's infuriating!
It auto cues, auto return and everything at the touch of a button! Pretty cool really.

I basically want to know if I've got a system worth keeping or if it's worth just sticking it on EBay or something similar?

For a 40 year old system it sounds fantastic considering the cartridge hasn't been changed and it's been mostly sat in a garage for a good 15 years.

I've now got it wired up to two analogue floor standing speakers and phono out wired up to my surround sound cinema system as it has a really decent subwoofer and adds a nice kick to the lower tones the floor standing speakers can't manage.

Thanks in advance for any replies guys, looking forward to any help you might be able to offer.


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Manufacturers tend to give these sorts of systems a name/model separate from the components. In this case the system is known a M-82.

Kenwood M-82

That may help you track down more info.

Don Dadda

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Hi and welcome

If it was a car, you get more for it to scrap it. Even with all the separates, it not worth much on the secondhand market though you might get something. Its a 27 year old system which life remaining is anybody's guess.

If it's no good to you, you could try the bay, but since you are making use of certain parts of it, you may as well use it until it cannot go on anymore
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