Ken's dedicated home theatre - finally :-)


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Thanks for getting back to me; that's really surprising that you aren't having issues with blooming and HDR. My 65-inch NU lights up the black bars in a scope film (HDR) like a Christmas tree, with horrendous light bleed and constant dimming fluctuations (I keep Local Dimming on High for HDR and this doesn't help).

Seems that this may be a location-dependent thing, as no one in the dedicated NU thread here has reported any problems, either; I'm in the States, and it was discussed in that thread that it's possible North American owners got some faulty panels...

The thing is, on paper and specs ALONE, an edge-lit panel like the NU should ALWAYS look horrible in a dark room with HDR sources (SDR looks a little better in my room, given that I keep the backlight on 11 when watching DVDs and Blu-rays)'s seems so weird to me that no one here is having any issues with the panel lighting up and blooming...

What are your HDR settings?
Hey! Sorry I don't have the HDR settings handy, I'm not at home currently. I did however, use this guide:Samsung NU8000 Calibration Settings


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Yeah OLEDs are expensive. I've saved half the money for a 65inch LG OLED. Hopefully the 2020 models come down in price a little bit early next year.
Yeah, I'm biding my time, once OLEDs come down enough I'll nab one :) ... Just in time for 8K TVs to be out :rolleyes:


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