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Sad news, Ken Ishiwata, famous and loved as a 'brand ambassador' and thus the figurehead of Marantz, died on 25 November at the age of 72 in his hometown in Belgium.
His sound will play on.

Phil Hinton

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Although our paths didn't cross as often as I would have liked, I am very sad to hear of the passing of Ken Ishiwata. He leaves a legacy in the development of Hi-Fi products few others will ever match. RIP.


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This really is a shame. Still only 72!


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owned a few of the ki editions,loved them all,r.i.p.

Steve Withers

This is sad news. The word legend is used far too often these days, but in Ken's case the term seems entirely appropriate.


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This really is a shame. Still only 72!
I agree 72 is certainly not old by any standards in this day and age. I was quite shocked and very sad at reading this news. R.I.P. K.I. 😔.


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Only last weekend I took my PM66 KI out of storage (after 6+ years!) to power my front speakers. I had forgotten how it was to just pick an instrument and follow it, then pick another one and another! Quite a legacy to leave behind - his work brought pleasure to many and continues to do so, can't ask for more than that really...


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Very sad news. Such an impactful person within the whole HiFi world


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Very sad. Used to have a CD6000 OSE KI Signature, still regret selling it. What a player and what an ear for tuning products. RIP Ken


I've owned about a dozen Marantz kit:
SR 19, SR 18, SR 12 SR 7010 AVR, the DP 790, 3 KI CD players, two amps, one NA 11 streamer and even tried their speakers and mini system... the 63 KI CD player is still my favourite, even though the CD mechanism gets stuck after a few years..

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i met him 3 times on D&M launches and what a true gentleman he was, a true legend in the industry


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i've owned several KI signature series marantz hifi items
was always a true mark of quality to get your hands on one of them
i think he had only stood down from marantz just recently also

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