Keg eggs and Q9C/Q6C - any views?


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Jul 31, 2001
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I'm thinking of extending my KHT 2005.2 pack to give me a 6.1 (or even 7.1) and rather than buying an extra egg, I was wondering whether to put the money towards a Kef Q9C/Q6C centre.

Has anyone done this, or at least tried it? What was the result? One of my concerns is that the Q9C may be "too good" for the eggs, and the sound suffer as a result.

If/ when I do eventually go 7.1, I'll probably consider replacing the two fronts with Q1's, and reusing one of the front eggs for the 7th speaker (leaving me with a spare egg for the inevitable 8.1 craze!). This will probably be a little while yet though.


I found that the Q6C was a significant improvement for natural-sounding TV dialogue over a straight Egg. Much less boxy/sibilant.
Thanks. Any reason why you went for the q6c instead of the q9c? Or just cost (which is a pretty good reason in my book!)

The Q9c is (just) too tall to fit the shelf on which I wanted to put it.
Originally posted by jrpavel
The Q9c is (just) too tall to fit the shelf on which I wanted to put it.

Fair do's!



I'd be really interested in your experience doing this as i've got the same speakers and was considering doing exactly the same thing. Let me know how it goes with the Q6c.

I have a Q9C as a centre along with Q35.2. I just love this centre and I find vocals very precise.
I too was thinking of changing my fronts to the eggs and recently auditioned the eggs. I found them (compared to the Q35.2) totally lacking in mid, however a good sub did make the situation acceptable. I am under pressure to reduce the size of my fronts by the wife hence am also thinking of the same setup as you. If you carry this out please post your opinonis/findings.

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