Kefs for AV and some music


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I think i have narrowed my choice of replacemnet speakers to Kef.

Either q1 or q3 L&R, q9 ctr and q2d dipoles. For the rear surround not sure yet as the rear will site in the bay window so either mount something in or on the ceiling - any suggestions?

I am nearly ready to make a move BUT need to know I am not making a bad choice.


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Hi Jase

Glad to see you sold your Kefs.

Yes I would agree but its where to mount them. I have attached a room layout if that helps. The orientation of the layout can't be changed


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If the Q8s is the same as the older Q85s then they should come with a mounting bracket which screws into the speaker, you could then attach it to the ceiling (but it will mean the speaker is pointing downwards). This bracket can be swivelled as well but not vertically only horizontally. Not 100% how it would sound though.:confused:

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