Kef xq series speakers 5.1 av package


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Have the the kef xq 40's 20's a 50c and 60b sub. To say I am amazed by their performance would be an understatement. I would really like to hear from others with this set up and how they have set them up to ensure I'm getting the best from.

Looking forward to any replies ;)


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I have a similar setup across the front. Although easy to drive, the XQs sound good with plenty of amplification. What are you using?


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I'm using an Onkyo 577 at present set as follows;
Fronts -12db & 40hz and bi amped
Centre -7 & 50hz
Sub -7 & 80hz crossover
Surrounds -10 & 50hz

amp seems to drive them very well with nice clarity ;)
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