Kef THX 45B distorting / interferance / feedback

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    Hi I have a KEF TDM 45B subwoofer I have had it for approx 15years been fine (apart from the 1st time it went wrong and it was repaired under warranty).

    How ever i think the same error has come back it is a bit hard to explain, effectively it distorts when no sound is been play through, and it also distorts / thumping feedback (with no input cable in)when you press the THX button on the back. Pretty sure this is the same faulty as before, does any one know where i can get it repaired, or any idea what it is.

    I read somewhere a while ago it was a common fault with it but i cannot remember where i saw that.

    circuit boards are indigo LCBASH Linear PCB as per images,

    Any help would be great or any recommendation what to replace it with these days

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