Kef TDM 23 woes (ish)

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Sep 20, 2000
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Hi Chaps,
On playing a dvd last night i noticed a faint scratching sound coming from one of my TDM23 front speakers, fearing i had blown a speaker cone i pulled down the speaker cover & found what looks to be a dust cover? from the upper "racetrack" cone, the glue holding it had come unstuck.
Anyone had this problem at all or can anyone tell me what type of glue to use to restick it.


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the cover thingy...


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Speak to KEF, this shouldn't happen, what about 5 year guarntee
Kef emailed me this morning & told me i was the first that this had happened to, they also enquired if i was the first purchaser (i'm not) they say it can be reglued but didn't elaborate.
I've pulled the stocking right down & the lower race track cone has it's dustcap in place but there is glue residue on the cone face it doesn't look very nice.
None of the above has any effect on sound quality as far as my hearing go's.
I've re-emailed Kef back so watch this space.
Not quite the first person,
I used to have a pair of Q65s that had the 'racetrack' driver and also suffered from the dustcap coming off. I stuck it back on with a thin layer of superglue and never had a problem with it again. The ridge in the middle of the dustcap is quite handy for gripping it whilst sticking it on if I remember correctly.

Kef have got back to me regarding my problem, the original glue was Loctite Cynoacrilate however they seem to think a more flexible glue could be used i.e Bostick.
I'll check with the plastics guys at work if there is a generic version of Loctite Cynoacrilate.
Excellent service from Kef.
I'll keep you posted.
I managed to get some Loctite superglue, i then cleaned the excess old glue residue off the cone & the dustcap using my finger nail GENTLY, i then re-glued the dustcap on perfect result.
I was advised by Kef that the cone should NOT be run without the dustcap off in case dust gets into the coil gap which could render the cone useless.
Thanks for the input.
Thought i'd fixed the dust cover problem, however the cone is now "buzzing" so i reckon the superglue has come partially unstuck making the cone resonate against the dust cover, i can't see anything obvious so it looks like i'm going to have to buy a new speaker cone :(
I don't know why Kef don't use a flexible glue....bloody annoying.
I'm going to contact Kef when i get home.
Ive lost covers of both my q65 and my new q7.
I just glued them back on with super glue. The q65 i got right first time and never heard a peep out of it again.
The Q7 buzzed at low req's and i discovered i had not glued it on as well as i thougt. It back on and okay again now.
I guess you just gotta get it right.
Bits droping off KEF's seem to be quite common I had a pair of KEF 60s speakers oooh about 6-7 years ago. On them the little grille over the tweeter came unstuck and rattled around under the cover. I didn't phone KEF but as they suggested to Tim I glued it back with Bostick (or something similar) that didn't dry hard.

I also resolved that with QC like that never to buy KEF again and I haven't.
I've managed to REALLY re-stick the dust cover this time using loads of superglue....seems to be holding.
I think the problem is that the superglue just ain't strong enough, i found that the dust cover had partially come unstuck again causing it to resonate on the speaker cone causing a buzzing.
If anyone has this problem in the future my recomendation is to use a flexible glue or a silicon adhesive, however, the problem arises; is the adhesive you use going to "attack" the speaker cone material.
After some 20 odd years of owning Kefs i've never seen this before....hmmmmmm.

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