Kef T301C vs Monitor Audio Radius 225 or something else slim?

OK, first things first, I have a Frankenstein set of speakers (always have). I've been a member (but rarely a contributor) of this forum for nearly 20 years.
Fronts are Mission M74s. Rears are Eltax HT2s. Current centre is an Eltax Symphony Centre. Sub is an active Mission M7.

So... baby steps. Firstly, I love the M74s. Always have. I have no idea why, because there are far better speakers probably, but I hear other speakers and I think "Yeah, but they're not the same as mine". So they're staying.

Was previously driving these with a Pioneer VSX-911 which went funny and replaced with a VSX-527 (which has also recently gone bang, so I'm looking to replace too). That's for another day.


I'm looking to replace the centre speaker with something slim. Like Soundbar looking slim, but not a soundbar.

I've come down to these two. They're similarly priced and both come with good reviews. So which one?

And are there others that I could consider in the same budget (or less)?

I looked at the Polk S35E, but honestly, it's way too deep. Deep centre speakers were great when I started out on my Home Cinema journey - I had a 36" Toshiba TV (which was stupid expensive) which eventually got replaced by a Panasonic Projector. But of course in modern times, a 55" TV suffices.


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The Kef does rely on the av receivers, woofer crossover abilities and integration to get the best out of it where as the Monitor Audio is just a well received quality LCR. Both are extremely good speakers though. As an alternative, you could look at the Apex A40. Although the costs is quite a bit more, it's worth the extra investment. You can still wall mount and it looks similar to a soundbar and has great performance levels (should easily last you many many years to without needing to upgrade) and is a firm favourite with many who want a class leading centre speaker without have to purchase one which is looks like a floorstanding speaker turned on its side


Have you considered running without a centre?
Sometimes running with a phantom centre and letting the mains handle that channel can work well. If the mains are pretty close or are equidistant from the listening position.

It's also completely free to try, just tell your AVR that you don't have a centre channel.
Thanks both. Both excellent suggestions.
I did run without a centre for a while before getting the symphony. It never felt quite right. I would like a dedicated centre.

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