KEF T series rear satellite position

Hey everyone- long time lurker.

I am making a move away from my sonos 5.1(playbar+sub+surrounds) to a dedicated HT setup.
Wife is against towers and said she prefers in walls/low profile speakers. I came across the KEF T series satellite pack which seems to meet both my wife's needs to be discreet enough and my needs to be speaker enough for my setup.

The only point where I am stuck right now is positioning the rear satellites in my awkward space.
Can they go on the side wall? The left rear does not have a wall to go on. Also can the satellites go at a different angle?
i.e one goes on the left wall facing the leftear and the right one goes on the rear wall facing the rear of my head.


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If you haven't already bought the T-series, maybe look towards the Radius system from Monitor Audio which will still allow you to add compact speakers to allow the rear of the room to work better as you have found with the Sonos solution. three radius 225 whilst using either radius 45's or 90's for rear duties will sort the issue as I can really only see what you are using today as the only real workable option.

If you have already purchased the Kef's, then in principle, there is no real reason as to why it shouldn't work mounting them on different walls even though it goes against the grain plus it will look off and both speakers will obviously firing in different directions (even though both are still pointing to the listing positions).

It isn't something I would do, but I you really don't have much options other than mounting them horizontally at the same height. For the right rear mount this above the opening and then match the left rear where the sloping ceiling marries with the wall. It will be a compromise, but I cannot see any other solution as staggering them across two different wall's isn't something that works

If you wish to use the Kef's at the front end, you could maybe look at some di/tri-poles speakers which work slightly differently to spread the sound thus reducing the effects of having both speakers on opposing walls.

I actually feel the best option for the rear of the room is what you already have which is another reason to look at the Monitor Audio's or other similar speakers available in your area (based on the Kef website being from the US you have linked)

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