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KEF sub setup, slope? inputs? WTF!


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I have just bought the KEF KHT1005 package but the manual is a little light to say the least!

Does anyone on here have any good setup tips for this? I have searched this forum and there are a few posts aking the same question but not many replies.

What does 'slope' mean and do i need just one cable from the amp, if so why does it have L & R inputs?

I'm connecting it to a sony STR-DB930 amp, overkill i know but i got it cheep of a mate £40!


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Set the crssover to maximum, set the slope to 24dB, the level to about 12 'O' Clock and the phase to it lowest setting to begin with. The rest of the settings can be dealt with by the amplifier. You only need one connection, it can go into either the left or righ input. There are two there for those who want to connect it directly to a stereo only amplifier which does not have a dedicated subwoofer output.


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You'll find a picture of a slope here if you scroll down:


A filter slope describes the amount of signal reduction over a range of loudness (in dB) and frequency (in Hz). A filter is usually described in terms of dB/octave signal reduction when discussing audio.

Where the signal reduces with rising frequency it is called a low pass filter. This would work well with a subwoofer where you want only the deep bass to be passed by the filter.

Where the signal reduces with falling frequency it is called a high pass filter. This works well with a tweeter where your want the high frequencies to be played but low frequencies stopped to avoid damaging the tweeter.

6dB/octave, 12dB/octave and 24dB/octave are all common filter slopes in audio.

A 6dB/ocatve is a shallow filter slope. 24dB/octave is a steep filter slope.

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