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Iv had the follwing set up for a few months now but still dont feel like im getting the best results from it

Kef KHT1005 and Sony 1200es AV receiver..

i think my problem is the Kef SUB settings.. can anyone tell me what settings they have their sub on so that i can see what i am doin wrong plz


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Can't tell you if you are doing anything wrong but from my experiences today I can offer a few ideas for you to look at.

On my sub I have the phase at 0, but then my sub is co-located with the fronts.
I have cross over set to max and the input level is about 10 degrees up from 0.

On my new amp (Yamaha 759) I've ensured that the sub output is set to subwoofer only as directed by the kef instructions and set the crossover freq on the amp to match the lowest frequency range of the satalites (80hz).

The glide on mine is set to 24db but this was a setting from my old Sherwood amp as it gave a better integration with the satalites.
It seems ok with the new Yamaha at the mo but that may be looked at again.

I will admit tho I used the new amp's auto set up feature which barring an incorrect detection of the centre as large has done an excellent job of setting the system up

I hope this gives you a few things to tinker with.

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