Kef special offer! Should I go for it?


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Nov 2, 2002
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My usually long intro:
Hi! I have already put in here some threads about my intentions, and now it seems there is something that will make it more complicated... Specially because Ishould hurry up.
I was wondering which speakers would be best to match my Yamaha 530 receiver (and future Yamaha 540 dvd player). I had in mind the following (I'd go now only for the fronts, step by step "looks" cheaper):

In the range 300 euro/pair
B&W DM 303
Magnat Vintage 120
Wharfedale Diamond 8.3
Canton LE 107 (I never considered this seriously, since they enhance high freq, and the amp too... Not a good combination)

In the range 400 euro/pair
B&W DM 600
Magnat Vintage 450
Kef Q3
Wharfedale Diamond 8.4
CAnton LE 109

Note that some are Floorstanding Speakers, while other don't... That I also have to decide (don't know what would be better, I have floorstand. and like the impression... Also the looks are more imponent... But sound is the most important!).
Also thought maybe something from Dynaydio or Tannoy would fall in the price/quality range I have here, but I don't know their ranges so well (Dynaudio Audience?).
I read that metal domes can be too "metallic" in the high freq... That put me off the Kefs... Although I only heard good about them, and I like the looks.

And now comes the question: I have an offer of two Kefs Q3 for 190 euro each, because they are discontinuated. Should I rush for it, being much more for the price than I could get from any of the above, or take it easy and go and try and compare and so on?
Please, help! Thanks.
Originally posted by cribeiro
Dynaudio Audience?

Out of your price range and out of your Yamaha amps league - they are 4 ohm speakers and a bit too power-hungry. :(
Whats this special offer on some KEFS that you are talking about?Where can I find it? I am considering getting some Coda 90s, 80 and 70s.
That with the Kef Q3 was not online, I just phoned one shop near here (in Germany). Anyway, I went for an audition this weekend, and found out I don't like Kef sound... Well, not that I don't, but I compared it with some B&W and Klipsch... I'll write down my opinions in a new thread... I think it deserves it :)
But actually, since this thread is about Kef stuff, I think I should mention something and ask about it... I found the Kef Q3 kind of muffled, unclean and with supressed high freqs... True that after a while it seemed to be partly gone, but anyway, in the comparison with the B&W they were far lower... That surprises me, since the price in the shop was the same as the DM 602.5 from B&W, which sounded much better...
I hope you have a word about it... Could it be that the B&W are easier to drive, so I'd need to increase the volume to compare the Q3 with them?

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