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I got my KEF KHT2005 setup the otherday, and when I unrapped it, I noticed a rust mark around one of the screws on the back pannel of the Subwoofer, I wipped the mark of, and extracted the screw, to see if it was just a badly plated screw or if water dammage had occurred in transit, e-mailed my supplier with my findings (just looks like a badly plated screw cause the problem)

and I got a phone call this morning - the issue had been raised at KEF's QA meeting this morning, and they have offered to replace the entire system if I am not entirly happy, in the interim they have asked me to send the screw to them , so they can check it out.....

:D :D :eek: :D :D

Nic Rhodes

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Wow indeed, perhaps things are changing at Kef at last. Now all they need to address is why it happened in the first place. It is nice to see they have responded well and quickly however, that is different.

Mark Ward

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Wow indeed, perhaps things are changing at Kef at last.
Did their used to be an issue with Kef customer services then? I've always found them to be fantastic. Not only for any problems that might occur, but also with technical and setup advice.

Over the years I've bought:

Model 100 (X2)
Ref 1.2's
Ref 2.2's

They've always been spot on with their advice.



Originally posted by Mark Ward
Have you ever made a list of every bit of HT kit you've bought & upgraded? It's scarey!

Tell me about it. I've done that before and even ended up agreeing with my employer that I'm paid too much... :)


Only as good as their last error mind.

Just got my sub back from KEF. 2 weeks they had it. For 12 of those days, it had been stuck in the corner of the warehouse, lost!!!

However, mistakes do happen and as long as they are sorted, it's ok by me. As soon as they found it, they replaced the amp, and shipped it back to me within 2 days.

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