KEF Reference only for front?


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Hi all,
Just ordered two Reference 203 floorstanders and one 202c center speaker.
But now my money has gone!
Would it be OK to use Q1's as surrounds and a Q9C as center rear?
Or will I run into trouble because the coloration is different, or maybe even use eggs instead because they have less coloration?


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I dont see any issue with what you propose above (Im assuming you already have the Q9C and Q1's). You can be particularly anal about your rears and try to go for a complete tonal match etc but I have found that in terms of front to back panning for movies as long as you get the SPL right you should not have any issues even if you dont use speakers from the same series/manufacturer as your fronts. I would look to improve your rears in time but what you have should suffice for now. The eggs are poor speakers given the quality of your fronts and in my opinion are not a long term solution.

I switched from M&K fronts to B&W ones and my M&K rears work equally as well with the B&W's. You have got the main bit right about matching all your fronts and the Kef Refs are great speakers. The 202c although not as good as the 204c (which is just massive) is still one of the best centre speakers out there. Solid buy and im jealous !


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Thanks my friend for your advice!
Actually, I only have the eggs right now and one Q9c which I bought cheap, second hand.
But I think I can buy two Q1's quite cheap ex-demo or used for the L/R surrounds.
I also have a set of unused Q2ds bipoles, but I think that won't work well in my smallish (3x4m & open one side) quarters...
Ah well, since I don't see a way to try it without drilling large holes in the sidewalls, I'll probably flog these too, which shouldn't be too hard considering I paid less than half for them...


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In that size room you dont really need 6.1... :rolleyes:


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Yes I think I'll first try the three in front with just two eggs at the rear, if that's OK or almost so it'll be fine using for instance one pair of Q1's as rears!
So then I can try the remaining channels of my new 7.1 receiver (H.K. AVR-5550) for bi-amping the big KEF's, looks like a lot of fun!

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