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Kef Reference 203 or Kef XQ 5

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by droy50, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. droy50

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Hello to All,

    Here on the other side of the pond and looking for some advice on Kef Speakers. I know that there are a lot more owners of Kef speakers in Britain
    versus here in the United States and was looking for some good advice. I have spent many a night listening between the two speakers (Kef Reference 203 and KEF XQ 5) and I know that these speakers are voice matched to each other); however, I know that there are difference between them).

    My listening room is approximately 10 wide by 12 long and I was wondering on which speaker series would be better for a small apartment room. I am kinda partial for the sound of the Reference series; however, I know that the XQ has more limited bass than the Reference so I was thinking that the XQ would be a better fit for my listening room. Any ideas?

    Also, my speakers would be mainly used for listening to music through a Lexicon processor. I would be using the full Logic 7 setup (all seven channels). I know that the Kef 203 produces a much wide and deeper soundstage than the KEF XQ 5; however, would this be of great use in a 7 channel setup. I don't do much 2 channel listening and was wondering if the soundstage of the Reference 203 would disappear in a 7 channel setup. Does anyone think that there would be a big difference between the two series in a 7 channel setup.

    The setup that I am contemplating for each speaker series is as follows:

    Setup 1
    KEF Reference 203
    Kef Reference 202C
    Revel S12 (For Side Surround Speakers)
    KEF XQ 1 (For Rear Speakers).

    Setup 2
    KEF XQ 5
    KEF XQ 2c
    KEF XQ 1 (For Side Surround Speakers/For 5.1 listening)
    Citation 5.3 (For Side Surround Speakers/For listening to movies and such).
    KEF Q Compact (For Rear Speakers).

    Any ideas? NOTE: I am in Baghdad Iraq right now, so kinda hard to talk to a dealer and ask them their input on this matter.
  2. Mentally


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    Did you hear these speaker with your amplifer?

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