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Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum. I've found really great advice but I'm hoping someone can help me with my setup.

I plan on buying some KEF R series speakers but there are so many to choose from. I'm thinking of the following

1x Kef R200C or R600C
2x Kef R500
2x Kef R100 or R300
2x SVS SB12 Subwoofers

I plan on having the subwoofers between the front towers and the center speaker.

I've heard a general consensus that the R500 is the best in the KEF R series tower speaker category from here:
Question - Kef R500 vs R700
They are also the lowest cost so I think I'm pretty certain I'll be getting that one as opposed to the R700 or R900.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should go with the R200C or the R600C centers. I like how the R200C physical match the R500's better because they have the same size woofers. I heard that the R600C sound better though (KEF R200c or R600c to go with R500’s?). The thread mentions that the R600C have a very similar volume to the R500. I plan on having my SVS Subwoofer between my center and my tower though, so I think it would cover for whatever the R200C would be lacking, unless I'm missing something. With the subwoofer, is there a point to having the R600C? I'm leaning towards buying the R200C.

I'm undecided between the R100 and R300. The R100 would match better due to the driver size, however, the R300 would have better bass. I'm leaning towards the R300 so that it can have it's own bass without help from the subwoofer because I won't have a subwoofer in the back. The cost difference between the R100 and R300 is also very small, which is another reason why i'm leaning towards the R300. I've thought about the R800DS as well but I heard dipole speakers were gimmicky.

I'm thinking my final setup will be:
1x R200C
2x R500C
2x R300C
2x SVS SB12

Can someone please critique my thoughts?



You're going to run subs, so forget the bass from the surrounds as in a 5.1/7.1 they will probably work best with a crossover of 100hz letting the subs take the strain. Having them as full range will, or quite possibly, result in boomy bass. Correctly placed subs should fill the room. If two SVS subs can't fill a room you must be living in a field.;)

Same goes for the fronts they will need to be set to small and crossed at 80hz. So the bass performance is not a question in a home cinema set up.

Personally I would go R500X2, R200C and R100X2. I have R300s with a 200C as front and R100s as surrounds with R50s performing Atmos duties. Beautifully balanced sound and the R300s excel at music with a standalone stereo amp.

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