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Your advice/opinions appreciated for the following;

Currently running Denon AVR3803 to 5.1 setup; KEF Q65SEs front, KEF Q9C centre, Mission 77DS rear, REL Q100e sub (speakers biwired where poss)

I would like to bring the rears into line with KEFs, and finally put a speaker on the end of the centre rear cable I installed about a year ago! :blush: But...

I am in a 'less than ideal' room; there is no space to locate the rears behind me so I must have them fire sideways (Wallmounting is not an option so it's Atacama SE10s). I like dipoles but spoke to KEF who said Q2DSs must be wall mounted. Period. :rolleyes: Therefore is my only option Q1s?

My mythical centre rear (single, room not big enough for a pair) will be immediately behind me, but with no wall :rolleyes:, so will have to be stand mounted as well (SE10) - should I go for another Q1 or would the Q6C be more suitable? I am assuming that the Q9C is overkill for a centre rear. (Will I be OK to put a larger mounting plate on the stand with bluetack, and sit the Q6C on top of that?)

Any comments folks? As ever, this forum is a superb resource, and has helped me avoid expensive mistakes in the past!

BTW I had intended to swap the Q65SEs for Q7s but I gather from several other threads here that this is not really worth it :(


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Never tried one, but if space is a premium it might be worth looking at an NXT loudpanel to act as your centre rear.
They just look like pictures hanging on the wall, and I think Richer Sounds sell Wharfedale ones with a good discount.


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Jules, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately as I mentioned, there is no wall immediately behind the central listening position, so flat panels are not an option.

Basically the room has been knocked through, and the sofa has it's back to the 'knocked through' bit. Sorry I can't provide a posh room layout diagram to explain like some of the guys do. :blush:


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I have been using Kef Custom Install speakers for the last year and they have been superb.
Have you considered putting one of these in the ceiling behind your seating position ??


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gizlaroc, the ceiling installation would have to be directly above me, as there is no 'behind' (just an RSJ!). Also a no-no as it would mean abandoning the current cabling lovingly laid under the floorbaords & destroying the wall & ceiling!

You'll have to appreciate that this is being done in 'stealth mode'; basically I can get away with changing black boxes, but if the wall needs decorating all of a sudden then the games up! :laugh:


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As they all use the same drivers doesnt it have a little to do with practicality and cost?? You have the amp for a 7 speaker system, can you not buy 2 q3's and wire that all up? How about trying to get a pair of s/h/ex-demo q35'2 for rear duties?


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How about using a single Kef egg 2005.2. I have Q's in my system and needed 2 smaller rears for the 6 and 7th channels. Kef recommended the Eggs as they match tonally. They seem really effective.




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Thanks Dave777 & Dfour - making me think. Can't get the Eggs in black though can you, & if I got Q3s I'd still be short of a centre rear..

Maybe even get Q7s after all, stick Q65SEs as rears & Q1s as centre rears.

Thanks for replies to date :D

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