kef Q's or B&W 600 S3's



I need to buy a sorround speaker package:

For now my short is:

- B&W S3: 603 + LCR60 + 600

- KEF Q: Q5 + Q9c + Q8s

wich one should i choose?
are these right combos within each series ?



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If possible try to demo both and choose for yourself! some people prefer KEF other B&W. that's personal taste and isn't the same for everyone. they're both great speakers, i prefer B&W for movies, KEF with music. What will be their main use?


I have Q3s, Q9c and 3 Eggs for the rears.
I had a look at the Q8s but thought they looked liked really big computer speakers. If I had it all to do again, I'd buy Q1s for the rears. My plan now is to move the Q3s to the back and put some Q7 up front.

I tried both setups, Kef and B&W and for me there was no contest with music. The Kefs revealed a lot more detail. With a movie sound track it was very close.
IMHO the Kefs look far better too.

Hope that's of some use.


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I listened to both set ups, and went for the B&Ws. I've got 602.5's and an LCR600 up front with 601's for surrounds, would probably buy 600's now, but they weren't out when I got mine last september (may get a pair of 600's to use for surround back in the next few months when i uprage to 7.1).

There were two reasons I went for the B&W set up. I thought that they were more involving to listen to, and seemed to give a fuller soundstage. And at the time, you could only buy the eggs as a package and not singularly, so i wouldn't be able to upgrade to 7.1 as easily.

You might find the 603's a little overpowering with the LCR60, my dealer even suggested getting the LCR600 to partner my speakers, which are much smaller than the 603, and have fewer drivers.

I had originally considered getting the 603's myself, but the dealer talked me out of it, and saved me money, as he said the extra low-end range would be wasted when I got a sub anyway (not got one yet as i decided to wait as little while so i could afford a better amp).

Which amp are you using, i'm running mine with a denon 3802, and from other posts on here, it seems a few people are using this amp with the Kef eggs with good results.

Speaker choice is really a matter of personal preference, so the best thing to do is arrange a back to back test if you can, but you can't really go far wrong with either of these choices.

Hope this helps,


I think Antonios got a point there...

I use the 602's /cc6 at front, with 601's at rear and reckon 5 601's + sub would beat it (at movies anyway....) - I prefer the bass to go as low as possible in stereo for music.....

Matching all 5 speakers could sound great.


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