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hi all....i've had my denon and kefs set up as small speakers,lfe and crossover set at 80 hz using a psw the norm.....but i was talking to someone who suggested the following..
small speakers
Q6c centre set at 80 hz
Q4s L and R at 40 hz
Q compact surrounds at 80 hz
the idea being it might be an improvement with the music side of things.
couple of questions...firstly,good idea or not?
secondly how do i do it? i've entered the denons speaker configeration set up but there seems to be a crossover freq for all so to speak...or do i have to select 'large' for the fronts then lfe plus main to select an individual crossover frequency for the L and Rs...thing is to cut a long story short its a bit of a pain to get the set up menu up on my pj so a push in the right direction would be most appreciated.

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My much larger Q5s only reach down to just below 40Hz in room so I'd expect the Q4s to be a good 10Hz or so short of that. Setting the speakers to large and LF+Mains will divert all the bass below the selected crossover frequency to the sub, so I'd suggest 60Hz as you normally want the crossover to be above the speakers natural roll-off. setting it to 40Hz will leave a bit of hole as the speakers won't reach to where the sub rolls in.



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cheers for the reply...
so would that be adjusting the front L and Rs to 60 hz (everything else 80 hz), using fronts set to large and using LFE plus main?
....or sub set to 60 hz as opposed to 80 hz,with everything else left to small ?

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