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Hello to all

I´m purchasing a pair of Kef Q5, which I´ll use as front speakers + a pair of Kef Q1(rear speackers). The supplier of the package doesn’t have KEF Q9C, but only the Q6C. I pretend to use all speakers with a Denon AVR 2802(90W per channel).

Does the Q6 C work well with Q1´s and Q5´s together? My room is about 25 m2 and according to one review I read few weeks ago, the subwoofer is not necessary.

Could you give me your comments about? May I buy the Q6C without worry??? How better is the Q9C if compared with Q6C?

Thank you very much

Mário César Sens
[email protected]



I was in this dillema a few months ago, after a quick audition of them both i spent the extra on the Q9C. I suggest you have a listen and see which you prefer.

I have the Q9c together with Q1's (front)and Q2DS (rear) and find they compliment each other superbly.

The addition of a small REL Quake sub added an element of depth that was awesome.

Hope this helps



I don´t have this chance at the moment. Just the Q6C is available. I only would know how "Loudness" and clarity I would lose, using the Q6 C instead the Q 9 C.
But I have the alternative to purchase one center speaker of another manufacturer, like infinity alpha 37, that is in the same price of Q¨6C . I´ve read an article about using diferent speakers, mainly in front and center. It´s not a good match, due to diferent tone of each supplier.
So I have a dilem: what would the best match, an Q6C or an Alpha 37 Infinity?




What i decide is better may not necessarily agree with your opinion.

To be honest i found the Q9c the perfect match to the other speakers, offering the added depth and clarity that a centre speaker requires. I feel it's the most imporant speaker of all of them as it is where most of the speech is directed.

Loudness is not effected. But overall perfomance the Q9c wins hands down


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I have the same speakers as you Mario and with the choice of the Kef Q6c or Alpha 37 Infinity I would go with the Kef. Keep them the same for the tonal characterics etc. And as to the second point that you will not need a sub, you will. If only for the effect of getting the glass of water to ripple in Jurassic Park. Seriously though I took the wife with me when I bought mine and even Toy Story was a better rumble with a sub. Go get a good one.

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