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Hi all

My problem is that my cat likes to sit on top of my speaker, no dont laugh, and when she jumps off the speaker wobbles. It hasn't gone over yet but it has got close.

They are on spikes through carpet but the shape of the speakers means that the two spikes at the back are very close together. Does anyone know of somewhere I can get any wider or extensions for the spikes ie taking the spikes outside of the speaker in a similar way to the Q4's or mordaunt short speakers.

Hopefully these links will show what I mean better than I can explain it

Q7 link
Q4 link

And no before it is suggested I can't get rid of the cat:nono:


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You could try......

Get some sticky backed plastic or vinyl or something similar where you peel the back off and its self adhesive. Cut it to shape so it is a bit smaller than the top of your speaker and put it on top where the cat sits, STICKY SIDE UP. (May need to blue tac it to stop it sliding, provided blue tac doesn't leave a mark.)

Your cat will not stay up there for long as they hate the sticky feeling on their paws. Leave it there for a while and you cat will find somewhere else to sit. If it goes back put the sticky film back again. It'll soon learn and give up............well it should do any way!

An uglier but also effective method is to substitite the film with slightly crinkled cooking foil. They hate the noise it makes when they land on it.

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